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Our knowledge for your eyes!

The eye is our "window to the world". Any restriction of our vision directly affects our sense of life in a sensitive way. In the pursuit of your best possible vision and appearance, the Eye Clinic Spreebogen presents itself as your eye specialist in Berlin. Our aim is highest patient satisfaction through uncompromising quality and maximum safety for your eyes.

In a central and convenient location of Berlin in our feel-good atmosphere, you can benefit from a wealth of special diagnostic, therapeutic and operational services.

Our range of services consist of refractive surgery including soft laser corrections of vision defects (LASIK, LASEK) and specialised refractive implants, surgical treatments of the gray and green star, retinal and eyelid surgery with tumor surgery, as well as serious lifestyle treatments. During diagnostics and treatment, we make use of than 17 different lasers. To that end, a highly specialized and scientifically active team awaits you.

Please do get in touch with us. We will gladly answer your questions and arrange a personal consultation.