Laser instead of surgical knife

The treatment of cataracts with laser therapy with unattained precision.

The cataract surgery is one of the most common interventions in eye surgery. For many years, the Eye Clinic Spreebogen has been offering patients this treatment method on the highest level with best results. During cataract surgery, we change a clouded lens against a new, clear one. A new, soft surgical technique allows us to do this without using a surgical knife. Incisions that were previously made manually by the surgeon, can now be done by the hightech femtosecond laser.

Highest performance in safety and precision

The femtosecond laser works in the dimension of femtoseconds (0,000 000 000 000 001 sec) and achieves a pioneering precision. By emitting very short light pulses with enormously concentrated energy density in the tissue, many small air bubbles of water and carbon dioxide are formed, whch replace the tissue exactly at the calculated optimal position. In doing so, we achieve maximum performance in safety and precision during surgery, which lead to greater stability of the eye and that can be reproduced independently of external circumstances. This gentle laser therapy reduces the risk of infection and shortens the haling process.

Combination of established treatment with high-tech

The laser takes on the following steps of the surgery: the corneal incision, the opening of the anterior capsule and a part of the lens fragmentation. The patient's eye is stabilised through the so-called "interface" to guarantee that all laser impulses land on the exactly calculated parts of the tissue. The procedure is conducted using optical coherence tomography (OCT) and is being monitored by the surgeon. 

The whole laser treatment is  prepared and conducted by our experienced surgical team. The surgeon implants the artificial lens. Through the combination of high surgical ability with precision laser technology, the Eye Clinic Spreebogen operates using the latest state of the art and is a leader in innovative eye surgery. We make use of the Victus laser from Technolas and Bausch & Lomb. 

Thanks to numerous scientific studies, practitioners agree that the femtosecond laser is the start of a new era in eye surgery. Please feel free to inform yourself about possibilities further by making an appointment with us.