With increased age the vitreous liquifies which causes the collagen fibers to be condensed into knots or strands. This creates structures that cause shadows to be projected onto the retina. Affected patients perceive these tissue lumps (floaters) as dots, threads or spider webs. Eye doctors call these vitreous opacities "flying mosquitos" or "mouhces volantes".Floater allgemeinFloater allgemein Auge


Thanks to the Vitreolyse-Laser (Floater-Laser) from the company "Ellex", "flying mosquitoes"können "Fliegende Mücken" can be removed during a minimally invasive and painfree treatment. After a mild, local anasthesia in the form of eye drops, your attending doctor conducts a targeted laser treatment. Like this, disturbing tissue lumps are broken up and dissolve. Depending on the number of floaters and the severity of the visual impairment, two to three treatments of 20 minutes will be necessary.

For more information, please visit the website of the "Ellex" company and take a look at the following video.