Eyelid surgery

Plastic aesthetic / cosmetic:

  1. Many people develop, especially in the elderly called "eyelid" medically blepharospasm - and called Laxa. Here, a skin excess is in the upper eyelids, which can restrict expression even in the face of massive field, but otherwise looks unsightly and makes you feel "tired" eyes.
    Here we offer a cosmetic plastic surgery patient is in the surgically removed under local anesthesia, the excess skin. Because the incision is placed in the upper eyelid, there is no scar to see after surgery.
  2. Wrinkling of the forehead: facial wrinkles in the forehead area can often be very disturbing for the person. We offer here a treatment, injected in the crease area with fine needles is a substance that relaxes the facial muscles for a period of 3-6 months. Wrinkles less visible so clearly. The substance 'Botolinumtoxin "or simply" Botox "is generally very well tolerated by the body and is reduced again. The same procedure is also used to treat abnormal spasm of the lids (so-called "blepharospasm") successfully.

Lid medical treatments:

  1. Ectropion / Entropion (Away and internal rotation of the eyelids) by special surgical techniques such a position error of the lid margin are fixed outpatient under local anesthesia. The most common cause of such deformity is the relaxation of connective tissue in the elderly. Such eyelid malpositions should be corrected because they can damage the eye itself. In internal rotation of the lid margin (entropion) can cause annoying scraping the eyelashes on the cornea, at Auswärtsrollung to lack of wetting of the ocular surface with strong redness an irritation as well as tears run.
  2. Eyelid tumors: at the edge of the lid can also be abnormal growths arise either only are unsightly (eg, small warts or polyps.) Impair the function of Lidapperates or even malicious are (eg, basal cell carcinoma) and lead to tissue death. Such removal of tumors have to be specially made in the eye area very carefully and only few tissue be that the function of the lids (protection and wetting of the eyes) may receive or restored.