Other laser, there is more than one laser

In addition to the lasers described in detail, various other lasers are used frequently as well:

Thermal lasers, such as the argon laser for treating retinal or perforation of this
Erbium-YAG laser for the treatment of glaucoma.

Thermal lasers, which may heat up and "coagulation" of tissue, such as the argon laser for the treatment of retinal e.g. diabetes or perforation of the retina, here is the retina heated selectively so much that is brought about firstly a targeted tissue death, without adjacent tissue better (in the treatment of diabetic eye disease) or the "weld" the retina with underlying structures bring about such be prevented with perforation of the retina, a replacement of the entire retina.

Another place of action for such "hot" lasers are certain forms of glaucoma in which the aqueous humor-producing ciliary body is destroyed selectively, here we use a so-called diode lasers, which causes a Cyclophotokoagulation.

Lasers, which cause a localized "explosion" of tissue (so-called photo disruption / fragmentation), such as the neodymium YAG laser (Nd: YAG laser) in the treatment of Nachstarmembranen, as can occur after cataract surgery.