Innovative technology for your eyes.

The iLASIK is the most modern, technically innovative eye laser method with the highest medical safety. It is a combination of femtosecond and wavefront LASIK, resulting in ultra-precision results in the correction of vision defects. The painless treatment takes only minutes and is usually an outpatient basis and performed under local anesthesia.

In contrast to PRK or LASEK {xxx} is not removed in LASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis), the top layer of the cornea, called the epithelium, or replaced.

In order to model the underlying corneal tissue with the laser can, first, a cornea covering elk (Flap) prepared using the IntraLase ® FS femtosecond laser and as a book cover expanded. Subsequently, the mean pain-insensitive corneal layer (stroma) with the VISX ® excimer laser is modeled, so that not processed as opposed to PRK the corneal surface. After the laser treatment, the moose covered deck on the cornea and sucks after a short time on the laser-treated cornea layer to evolve and there over the following weeks and months.

The great advantage of the LASIK procedure is that after surgery the wound is very small and thus the post-operative pain is minimal. The complaints are significantly lower after surgery than after PRK. The subsequent healing process is usually quick and simple and the desired vision improvement occurs after LASIK usually within the first days after surgery.

In correcting a refractive error using the method of EpiLASIK only about 0.05 mm, a thin layer, the epithelium of the cornea, separated mechanically by means of a separator and folded like a lid. Is then corrected using an excimer laser, the refractive error. Thereafter, the thin cover moose is folded back and acts as a natural contact lens.

To ensure the full success of the operation, in addition to an experienced surgeon, of course, also the technical equipment of vital importance. Our laser center is therefore worked exclusively with the most modern equipment.