Information about the cataract surgery

Dear patient, you have been diagnosed with a cataract (grey star) and we would like to inform you about the next steps.

Appointment for preliminary examination

After having been diagnosed with cataracts and having thought about the possibility of surgery, you probably still have quite a few questions about the next steps and procedure.

We would like to give you the possibility to ask all these questions during an individualised preliminary examination. To ensure our high quality standards, we will conduct many different measurements and tests and create an individualised treatment plan.

During the preliminary examination you will be given mydriatic eye drops in both eyes. These can temporarily affect your eyesight and limit your ability to drive. This effect can last for up to 24 hours.

We suggest to reserve about 2-3 hours for the preliminary examination.

Advice pre and post operation

On the day of surgery you should follow these hints:

  • wash your face
  • eat breakfast as per usual
  • take medicines and eye drops as normal. Patients that take blood thinners such as ASS 100, Marcumar, Plavix, Godamed, etc. should stop taking those 10 days prior to the eye surgery after consultating with your general practitioner or find alternatives. 
  • do not use make-up or face moisturiser
  • do not wear jewellery, especially on your arms or wrists
  • please remove hearing aids directly before surgery in the Eye Clinic Spreebogen (only on the side that will be operated on)

Please note that the complete stay in the clinic can be between 2-4 hours. We ask all patients to plan accordingly, however especially those suffering from diabetes as it can take longer.

Please arrange to be picked up from a third person to ensure that you get home safely. Upon request we will call a taxi for you and accompany to the vehicle safely.

The process after your surgery

We recommend to keep the bandage on your eye until the check-up the next day. This check-up happens at your eye doctor locally. You will receive a report about the surgery that you can show to your ophthalmologist. Patients that are normally treated at the Eye Clinic Spreebogen will have the check-up on our premises. 

Normal side effects after the operation include pressure-sensitivity, redness, irritation, increased tear or mucus secretion, swelling of eye lids, flicker, loss of sensation around the forehead as well as a heightened sensitivity to light. 

The operated eye has to be treated with eye drops five times a day (roughly every three hours) for a duration of two weeks. From the third week on, the eye drops should be used three times a day until the bottle is empty.

Please refrain from engaging in heavy physical exertion during the first two weeks. You should also avoid rubbing or pressing on the operated eye and be careful not to let soap water enter the eye during showers. You should not go swimming or use the sauna during the first six weeks.

Light physical acitivity as well as reading, watching TV, flying and stooping are allowed.

The prescription for news glasses is recommended 6-8 weeks after the surgery because small changes in the refractive indeces are still possible.

In the case of emergency, such as urgent heavy pain, a sudden deterioration in sight, seeing flashes or a black shadow, please do not hesitate to contact your ophthalmologist or us!